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Ghosty's Tale
« on: March 04, 2008, 01:57:51 AM »
"A long time ago," he started, "there was a small land which was ruled by a group of rebel wizards and witches. A group which was against the empire that had decided it would govern them, and harshly. While others complied, this group decided that though they were few, they would go against these massive forces. And like many places, their headquarters had a few ghosts.

"Of course, you know that ghosts have names, and pasts, and can remember much of what their lives had been like. Even their deaths. But one young ghost had no memory of her death, and no memory of her life. There had been no ghost like her that they had seen before. In fact, she even had wings like a fairy, that shimmered in such a way that is looked as though they were always melting..."

He waved his wand and the classroom began to darken. Little by little the seedlings appeared. First the outline in a soft glow, even though the shape was no where near solid. And then in near-perfect darkness, the plants took shape. There was a stem with two leaves, and at the top was a leaf bud. It rather looked like a softly shimmering fairy out of fantasy stories. It even had the appearance that it was melting, even in that solid form.

"Actually, even the other ghosts speculated, that perhaps..." he ran his hand over the top of the seed tray, his hand passing through the plants as though they weren't even there, "she had been born a ghost."

"Now, because she had no memory of her time before being a ghost, they simply called her Ghosty. Strangely, she had an interesting ability to change her size. Due to that, if she wasn't found in their local orchard, she was found resting in their fruit bowls. And always smelled of fruit, because of it.

"Now, of all the ghosts, she had one friend who was special to her. This was Pieter. He would often tell Ghosty of his past, and even once told her how he died. He would say she was lucky that she couldn't remember. And she would always say how lucky they were to remember. She would accept the memory of death, if only she could have memory of life.

"Now, the problem with being rebels, is that you're under attack often. The empire which they fought against had found their base once again, and soon everything was on fire."

He waved his wand over the seedlings in front of him and a heat started coming off the plants, intense enough that it touched each student in the room.

"Of course, ghosts can't die, and so they took no fear in tracking the wizards and witches around them, letting their compatriots know where people were, where they were coming from. That is, none of them had fear of it, until Ghosty was hit with the Killing Curse, and vanished."

The heat of the plants rose, and little by little they seemed to dissolve under the heat he had generated, until slowly they disappeared.

"Pieter was heart-broken, realizing as she disappeared that he had loved her, and he fled that place as fast as he could fly. He kept going, not knowing where, and found himself wandering the lands ever so quietly until he too disappeared."

He set his wand down, letting the seedling tray before him cool as he continued the story...

"It was the cold death of night, under a full moon... The rebels were gathering to mourn their losses. Their headquarters, their gardens, their friends, their family... and the two lost ghosts, Ghosty and Pieter. A month had passed, and they saw it as a miracle that any of them were still alive. Shaken, they poured through the rubble, trying to find anything left.

"The only thing that was left standing was a single cherry tree in the middle of the orchard. Now the Japanese say that cherries with pink blossoms are so due to having bodies buried underneath them, colored by the blood of the fallen. But the petals of this cherry tree had turned silver, and shimmered like Ghosty's wings.

"Many of them cried and mourned for the loss of the young ghost with no memory."

He pulled one of the seedlings from the tray, handling the soil since there was no plant to actually take hold of. Carefully he transplanted it into the larger pot. He took a small bag out of the box and opened it, sprinkling the stuff over the pot, the dark, dusty material staining his fingers where it touched.

"And out of the darkness they heard a voice. It was Ghosty's, asking them, 'Why are you crying?' They turned and saw her, no longer a ghost, but standing there as flesh and blood. And were not for her voice and her eyes, they would have never believed it was her.

"You see, some things don't follow the laws of space and time, and because of who she needed to be, and where, she was able to be reborn in the past. She'd had a life to live, and was able to keep living it."

Ever so slowly a small green sprout peeked up from the dirt, and began to grow. A long stem first...

"After assuring everyone she was alright, and telling them what happened, she asked them where Pieter was. Silence drifted over them. Ghosty, now having been reborn as Gardina, had wanted to show him that she was able to be reborn. Something that was rarely, if ever, seen. But no one knew what to say, or how to tell her."

The leaves started sprouting, forming the shape of those fairy wings, and the leaf bud that would be the head of the fairy began to form.

"From the distance they suddenly heard shouting. 'Matthias! Wait! Where are you going?' And everyone turned. There was a man running up to them, looking desperate, as though he needed to be there. And no one could mistake the man for anyone but Pieter, though no one recognized the man running behind him.

"The man stopped upon seeing Gardina, staring at her in shock. Pieter, now Matthias, could recognize the love of his unlife anywhere, and now knew her as his soulmate, whom he was reborn to be with.

"They ran to each other's arms, and Gardina could not help crying that they were together, in flesh and blood, with lives to live. Her tear turned to a shining star and fell to the ground, becoming the first seed to this plant, which the rebel group named 'Ghosty's Tale.'"

By the end of his story, the bud had opened and there was a slightly larger plant there than before, as though it was only waiting for that moment to grow, and had saved all its energy until then. At this young age, with the influence of the story in their minds, it seemed to take the shape of two lovers, embracing one another.
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