Author Topic: Rules of Hissy Fics  (Read 137217 times)

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Rules of Hissy Fics
« on: May 17, 2008, 07:03:29 AM »
Alright, since the forum is growing and I'm not sure who has the rules and who doesn't, I decided to post them up here.

1) You do not talk about Hissy Fics.
2) You do not talk about Hissy Fics.

Wait... that was Fight Club.

But it does somewhat still stand.  Hissy Fics is invite only.  If you don't know if someone is a part of Hissy Fics, then don't talk about it.  If someone else in the chat starts talking about it, it might be safe.  Make sure you know the person you're talking to already knows about it (aka, if you've already seen and played with them here).

If you want to invite someone, please please please ask Nabs or I first.  The most likely answer is Yes, but there may be exceptions.  Generally, however, someone under the age of 13 could be a problem.

Please keep anything in General Chat as "Safe for Work."  That is, if it comes up on the screen while I'm at school or work, I don't need my boss seeing chat about... inappropriateness.

Some areas of access are dictated by age.  Please don't lie about your age.  It's a liability.  I do NOT want to get sued or worse.  I don't think Nabs can afford to be either.

This is primarily an SS Hogwarts RPing and Fiction site.  You are free to do many things here, just stay within your area limit (don't post R-Rated stuff in a PG-13 area, please).  We do not have the same restrictions as SnitchSeeker (involving gay or whatnot) but that does not mean we don't have limits.

If someone does not have access to an area, please don't repost something to them from a restricted area.  If you want, request that a "safe" version be created.  But there are certain things I am not handing out to 13-year-olds.

I'm sure these rules will be edited or whatnot, but this is what I can think of as it stands.  And remember that not everyone on SS is going to react to things the way we do here.  Be careful what you talk about and to whom when outside of Hissy.
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