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Ages Reference Table
« on: October 14, 2010, 07:21:26 PM »
So, I've been going over my spreadsheets and found... wow, what was once a timeline for Armand and Slade now has a lot of information!  So, based on the data I currently have, here are the ages I have as of February 2072 (Current SS term)

Armand EriksonApril 20, 202745.8
Slade Altair (if alive)September 6, 202943.4
Rinatta CrossMay 23, 204428.7
Cross/Carracio TripletsJune 30, 20728 months
BrookeSeptember 22, 204626.4
CassandraJune 29, 204824.6
AtmorMay 7, 204923.7
RubenMarch 1, 20658 (almost)
EmeraldJuly 24, 20711.5

Yes, I am missing data!  The names included here are those I have at least years for (you'll notice lack of birthdate for Trelane and Alex, and no entry at all for Galen or Elluria, because I apparently never locked in their ages.  Those will come in time, however.  If you want any other entries added, please let me know!

I also do have entries for others, including working on some for the Lorenssith family, if anyone is interested.
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